Educate users about the Cisco Stealthwatch product.

The project:

Create a web portal to educate users about the Cisco Stealthwatch product, which allows it’s customers to track any anomaly in their network and pinpoint the exact location.


Encourage users to sign up for webinars and newsletters and educate themselves about the new product. With this knowledge, they will be more confident when it comes to purchasing similar products.

Our role:

We took  UX lead for this project. We worked with the product owners, business analysts and development teams in India. At the same time, we were liaising with Cisco’s UX headquarters in the USA.

What we did:

We initiated a focus group session inviting ten CIO/CTO-level people for two days, allowing 45 minutes each. During those 45 minutes, participants were asked about their security requirements and buying habits.


Based on the information received from the users, we were able to design a portal that was hugely successful with more user engagement than expected.

Discovery phase

In a discovery phase, the first thing we wanted to understand was how the product works, what benefits users have, and how it differs from competitors. For this, we liaised with the product owners and Omni Channel managers. The next step was to speak to potential customers who were mainly CIOs and CTOs. We arranged a workshop with the help of Harte Hanks (Digital Agency), where We invited ten participants and interviewed each for 45 minutes.


The next step was to implement a newly designed information architecture into the wireframe so that the information could be turned into visual data. Our wireframes included potential problems that we discovered during the discovery stage along with their proposed solutions.

High fidelity prototype

We used Axure for the StealthWatch high fidelity prototype. Included full interaction and also introduced a new component for the header marquee, which increased the use of above the fold real estate to three times more from the past. It was very well received and later used on the homepage.

Usability testing

The main objective of this test was to establish the usability of the Stealthwatch prototype. The prototype is easy to navigate, information is easy to locate, CTAs are positioned correctly, and content relevant to the description and CTA is connected to that copy.

User Interface design

The UI was completed with accordance to the CISCO design system and guildlines.


Networks, UX


June 22, 2017